We understand each business is unique and every organization has its own motivation and goals. We at APTWHIZ design unique and special customized designs for each and every client that gives a special identity on the internet that speaks for you to your clients and customer on the internet.

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Globaltek International

Globaltek International is a leading technology solutions service provider operating globally, with a particular focus in both Latin America and North America. With offices in Miami, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, and Panama, we work within a wide array of vertical markets.

They go beyond the traditional standalone technology implementation and offer end-to-end enterprise solutions that span from vision and design through to deployment, change management, and operate functions. We help companies by providing customer-centric innovations that enable them to build strong and agile IT infrastructure.

Globaltek International was in need of a website and brand strategy. We worked together to craft a strategy that aims to differentiate the brand in a competitive market while creating a revenue and sales strategy to bring high revenue to support the long-term sustainability of the Organization.

Using full-screen video and bold colors, we built the website for Globaltek International that is both visually stunning and speaks to the company’s identity. We speak to the audience in a profoundly real way both on the site, social media feeds, and Brand Design.

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